Traveller update

Traveller update

We have been on to the out of hours line to see if we can make the site secure. we have also left messages for council officers to see Monday morning.

In Winklebury, a second lot entered the Hants FA site 2 days later before the council team had got round to clearing up / securing from the first ones.

Travellor Camp in Brighton Hill

Travellor Camp in Brighton Hill

Traveller Encampment opposite Hatch Warren School

Many thanks to the residents who reported this in to me so quickly. The Police have been made aware and I spoke with the police on site, who tell me that at present the group are being co-operative and pleasant.

I have also report in to the Councils hotline and encampment officers, so that they have this when they arrive at their desks on Monday.

It can take about two weeks (often four weeks) for legal processes to take place.

You can use this link to see what the Council is required to do legally.

In the meantime, in the unlikely event you experience any problems please call 101 so it is logged and actioned by the police.

We will update as soon as we have more news.

Councillor Kim Taylor

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