Protect the bus pass

Protect the bus pass

Proposals have been announced to charge pensioners for their older persons bus pass.

The plans are to charge you £10 when you apply for your pass. Plus you will be charged a whopping 50p every time you use the bus. That’s a pound, there and back every time you need to do the shopping, visit a friend or get to the doctors.

Many residents in Brighton Hill will be hit hard by this proposal. People I have spoken to have said how important it is that the bus pass is free and that if they have to pay they will not be able to go out much. They worry about getting lonely or not being able to afford to go for medical appointments.

It’s an accepted fact that getting out and about makes us fitter, healthier and happier. Age UK has made it clear to Government that the lack of access to transport has a profound impact on quality of life and that many older people find it difficult to get to hospital appointments or GP’s without using public transport.

This proposal is going to cause real financial hardship and increased loneliness in our community and that’s why I am supporting our labour councillors in fighting this proposal.

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