Idle motorists to be fined in Basingstoke

Idle motorists to be fined in Basingstoke

Experts say air pollution from exhaust fumes kills more than twice as many people as road accidents in Britain. More than 5,000 people die prematurely from conditions like lung cancer and heart disease because of emissions, those who die from air pollution tend to die about 10 years earlier than they would normally.

From 23rd March Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is introducing £20 fines for motorists who idle in a bid to tackle air pollution. The council says the fines will only be issued when drivers refuse to switch off their engine.

The fines will be handed out by local civil enforcement officers, community safety patrol officers and environmental officers. 

The initiative is part of the Broughs ‘Clean Air Campaign’ encouraging residents to be proactive in reducing their carbon emissions. The Council is aiming make the borough carbon neutral by 2030, after declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ in July last year.

Register your car to use the Tip

Register your car to use the Tip

Register your car to access Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Hampshire residents will need to register their car for free by 1 April 2020. Unless your car is registered there is a real chance you could be turned away from the tip when you visit. Hampshire County Council will enforce this from 1st April 2020.

Trolley dumping in Brighton Hill

Trolley dumping is something local councillors do get involved with on a regular basis. As a Brighton Hill Councillor I have had regular conversations with ASDA management over a number of things and trolley dumping is one of those areas. The store itself is trying really hard to combat this. Its massively expensive for them so they have an interest in it.

They recently at huge cost replaced all their trolleys which are fitted with a magnetised wheel lock. As soon as the trolley goes over the curtilage boundary which has technology built into it the wheels lock up making it very difficult for them to be moved.

However the perimeter technology is sometimes vandalised which means some trolleys get past. This is not always kids as you might imagine but thieves who steel Trolleys to sell them for scrap metal value.

Other times people just stubbornly drag the trolley with locked wheels and when it gets too difficult just dump it.

Some people also have still got old “borrowed ” trolleys that they use and park in their garden every week.

The store has agreed with us that if anyone sees a trolley in the immediate area of ASDA, they can phone customer services and someone from the store will fetch it.

Otherwise ASDA belong to the trolleywise scheme and they have a number and a phone app you can use to report a trolley and they come get them.

01926 455378…

Your Labour Councillor team in Brighton Hill have regular walk about -we also work full time so this is often at weekends in the winter as nights draw in. We report what we see but its really helpful if members of the pubic can do this as well.

Cllr Kim Taylor”

Housing Crisis in Brighton Hill

Housing Crisis in Brighton Hill

“Housing Hunger Games”

Our local Conservative MP dismisses claims that there is a housing crisis as “outrageous”.

In a front-page article of the Gazette she claims that Basingstoke “has built more homes than any other area in the past two decades”.

Yet the National Housing Federation that says that in Basingstoke the shortfall in housing between 2012 and 2016 was 2343 homes, the second highest in Hampshire.

This shortfall in housing contributes to house prices skyrocketing and the average house is now over £326,000, ten times more than the areas ‘average’ salary.

This coupled with eye wateringly high rents makes the picture very grim indeed for our local young people wanting to have a place to call their own. Typically 40% of income goes on rent alone, making it impossible to save for a deposit.

The Councils performance in respect of social and affordable housing is nothing to be proud of either as they constantly fail to meet their own targets in building affordable housing.

Just recently a Brighton Hill resident was telling me how one of their children had been on the waiting list nearly a decade and were still unable to secure a home.

Even once accepted onto the housing register its necessary to “bid” against other people for available properties.  It’s possible to be competing with more than 170 people for the same property in Brighton Hill.

I want to see an end to this situation which resembles a “Housing Hunger Games” and ensure that as a town we provide good quality and affordable homes for all our residents.

Last year the Tory council decided to increase its property investments by 30 million pounds. It will fund these property acquisitions from our council tax and by making cuts to services.

I want to make sure that any property investment is in reasonably priced housing for local people– not business premises for commercial rental.

Vote for me on 3 May and I promise I will work hard to tackle the housing crisis in Basingstoke.

How many houses does the council say it will build each year?


What was the number of affordable houses the council said it would build?


How many were actually built?


What’s the Basingstoke average house price


What’s the average deposit a first-time buyer needs?

10-20% of purchase price

What’s the average monthly private rental for a 3 bed house

£1000 per month

How much is a 20% deposit for an averaged price house?


What’s your assessment of the housing prospects of young people?


Brighton Hill Residents Survey

An important part of a local councillors’ role is making sure the views of all residents are both heard and acted upon when the Council makes policy decisions.
One way we can collect your views is by asking you directly and we will be doing this by coming and talking to you directly in Brighton Hill.
Understanding what is important to you and how you would like to see the future develop for Brighton Hill is very important to us, so we hope you will set aside a few minutes to complete the survey and talk to us when we are knocking on doors. It won’t take any longer than making a cup of tea.

As well as by using the form we will post through the letterbox you can complete the survey below.

Thank you Brighton Hill Asda

Thank you Brighton Hill Asda

Let’s give Asda Brighton Hill a big hand for getting it right.

For some time, Labour Councillors have received many complaints about the dumping of trolleys creating an eyesore in our local community.

During Sunday’s Brighton hill community litter pick we happened to spot the arrival of brand new trolleys with magnetic locking wheels that won’t let the trolley be taken off site. I couldn’t resist taking a picture when I was shopping today.

As soon as the trolley gets to the pre-set boundary the locking wheel leaps into action preventing it from being moved any further.

With luck dumped trolleys will be a thing of the past.

Thanks Brighton Hill Asda, for helping to make our community a better place to live.

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