Trolley dumping in Brighton Hill

Trolley dumping is something local councillors do get involved with on a regular basis. As a Brighton Hill Councillor I have had regular conversations with ASDA management over a number of things and trolley dumping is one of those areas. The store itself is trying really hard to combat this. Its massively expensive for them so they have an interest in it.

They recently at huge cost replaced all their trolleys which are fitted with a magnetised wheel lock. As soon as the trolley goes over the curtilage boundary which has technology built into it the wheels lock up making it very difficult for them to be moved.

However the perimeter technology is sometimes vandalised which means some trolleys get past. This is not always kids as you might imagine but thieves who steel Trolleys to sell them for scrap metal value.

Other times people just stubbornly drag the trolley with locked wheels and when it gets too difficult just dump it.

Some people also have still got old “borrowed ” trolleys that they use and park in their garden every week.

The store has agreed with us that if anyone sees a trolley in the immediate area of ASDA, they can phone customer services and someone from the store will fetch it.

Otherwise ASDA belong to the trolleywise scheme and they have a number and a phone app you can use to report a trolley and they come get them.

01926 455378…

Your Labour Councillor team in Brighton Hill have regular walk about -we also work full time so this is often at weekends in the winter as nights draw in. We report what we see but its really helpful if members of the pubic can do this as well.

Cllr Kim Taylor”

GP mayhem continues in Brighton Hill

GP mayhem continues in Brighton Hill

The Gillies and Overbridge Medical Partnership, Brighton Hill, which is run by the Acorn Health Partnership following the merger of three GP surgeries, has been inspected by the Quality Care Commission who have  issued it with a ‘requires improvement’ rating. During the visit, inspectors found the patient safety was being put at risk.

At the time of the merger resident told me how they were were unhappy and had immediately noticed problems getting appointments and confusion over which surgeries to attend. A year on and the situation is even worse. when we are out and about in the ward and in our Councillor Surgeries you tell us that waiting for 5 or 6 weeks for an appointment and even three weeks for a telephone appointment is the becoming the norm.

You usually tell me that getting through on the phone is a “nightmare”

Your Labour Councillors are working hard to put the Care Commissioning Group under pressure to improve the performance of GP’s in Basingstoke. At the moment they don’t even monitor waiting times for appointments or getting through on the phone.

There is now a special task group looking at the situation to see what might be done. You can my speech in the Council Chamber here

Take part in our GP survey

Please share your experience with me by clicking on the link and completing the survey.

Councillor Kim Taylor

Councillor Kim Taylor

Councillor Brighton Hill

This winter I reported the mayhem over the flu jab. Patients were waiting in queues even the frail , elderly and disabled only to be turned away due to lack of supplies. We asked why are you texting people to come for a flue jab if you don’t have the stock?

Councillors Surgery

Councillors Surgery

Come along and meet your Labour Brighton Hill Councillors at their monthly residents surgery at Brighton Hill Community School. We will be there between 10 and 12am.

Got something you would like to get off your mind or would like to chat about the Brighton Hill Roundabout proposals – why not just pop in.

Traveller update

Traveller update

We have been on to the out of hours line to see if we can make the site secure. we have also left messages for council officers to see Monday morning.

In Winklebury, a second lot entered the Hants FA site 2 days later before the council team had got round to clearing up / securing from the first ones.

Travellor Camp in Brighton Hill

Travellor Camp in Brighton Hill

Traveller Encampment opposite Hatch Warren School

Many thanks to the residents who reported this in to me so quickly. The Police have been made aware and I spoke with the police on site, who tell me that at present the group are being co-operative and pleasant.

I have also report in to the Councils hotline and encampment officers, so that they have this when they arrive at their desks on Monday.

It can take about two weeks (often four weeks) for legal processes to take place.

You can use this link to see what the Council is required to do legally.

In the meantime, in the unlikely event you experience any problems please call 101 so it is logged and actioned by the police.

We will update as soon as we have more news.

Councillor Kim Taylor

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