GP mayhem continues in Brighton Hill

GP mayhem continues in Brighton Hill

The Gillies and Overbridge Medical Partnership, Brighton Hill, which is run by the Acorn Health Partnership following the merger of three GP surgeries, has been inspected by the Quality Care Commission who have  issued it with a ‘requires improvement’ rating. During the visit, inspectors found the patient safety was being put at risk.

At the time of the merger resident told me how they were were unhappy and had immediately noticed problems getting appointments and confusion over which surgeries to attend. A year on and the situation is even worse. when we are out and about in the ward and in our Councillor Surgeries you tell us that waiting for 5 or 6 weeks for an appointment and even three weeks for a telephone appointment is the becoming the norm.

You usually tell me that getting through on the phone is a “nightmare”

Your Labour Councillors are working hard to put the Care Commissioning Group under pressure to improve the performance of GP’s in Basingstoke. At the moment they don’t even monitor waiting times for appointments or getting through on the phone.

There is now a special task group looking at the situation to see what might be done. You can my speech in the Council Chamber here

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Councillor Kim Taylor

Councillor Kim Taylor

Councillor Brighton Hill

This winter I reported the mayhem over the flu jab. Patients were waiting in queues even the frail , elderly and disabled only to be turned away due to lack of supplies. We asked why are you texting people to come for a flue jab if you don’t have the stock?

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