Pothole Plague

Like everyone else I haven’t been able to go anywhere in Brighton Hill without having to swerve to miss one pothole after another.

Everybody I talk to on the doorstep says the same . “ Its time to get it fixed”. But how, when the Tory Councils mismanagement means there is a £92 million deficit in the towns infrastructure budget?

This mismanagement has led to the shocking state of our roads, causing accidents, damaging cars and injuring people. It has meant massive pay-outs for compensation from our taxes.

It’s easy to blame the recent bad weather but we all know the state of our roads have been bad for years. Over £890,00 has been paid out in compensation by Hampshire County Council between 2013 and 2017.

It isn’t just cars that get damaged, people fall when crossing the road and cyclists are particularly at risk. Recently the Basingstoke Gazette reported the case where a cyclist was so badly injured that her dentist bill alone was £3000.

Government has promised extra money to Hampshire County Council for road repairs and I want to make sure Basingstoke gets its fair share.

You can help me with that goal by voting for me at the Local election.


Local authorities often try to wriggle out of paying compensation if the pothole hasn’t been reported. So, like me, please report your potholes.

You can do this by going on line at www.fixmystreet.com. It’s free, quick, and easy and you can even do it on your phone.

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