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Brighton Hill is currently represented by four councillors at the Basingstoke and Deane Council. Two for Brighton Hill South, and two for Brighton Hill North. However because of Boundary Commission changes Brighton Hill South and North will merge together but will only have three councillors to look after it.

At the moment  three out of Brighton Hill’s four councillors are Labour Councillors – and we are a very, very hard-working and dedicated bunch, as those of you who have been helped by the team will know. Your current Labour Councillor team for Brighton hill are Kim Taylor, Andrew McCormick and Mark Taylor. Mark Taylor will be stepping down in May 202 and Steve Rolfe will take his place as a prospective candidate for the May 2020 elections.

Your Brighton Hill Labour team works effectively for all Brighton Hill residents. Last year with hard campaigning and petitioning the Hampshire County Council we were able to save the No 12 Bus, a vital service for many people.

This year we are working hard on improving road safety in key areas in Sullivan road.

As well as helping residents with individual issues and putting pressure on both the Borough Council and the County Council to address issues like graffiti, overgrown hedges, damaged paths and roads, we have been working on the big issues too.

Cllr McCormick and Cllr Taylor argued and won motions to increase spending on climate change and add £1.2million pounds to accelerate the residential parking improvement scheme. Without this action it would continue to take decades to completed the current list of improvement schemes.

We need to do more. Our libraries and buses are under threat and need protecting.  Help us do this by voting Labour at the next Local Elections on 7th May .

I hope this blog will help keep you in touch with local events and the work of your Labour Councillors. Please use the comment sections. I cannot promise to reply to each one individually but I will read them all and try to update news. I want to read your views and opinions because by telling us what you think is important, you will be helping to make sure that we as your local Labour representatives are speaking up and campaigning on the right issues.

Coronavirus Basingstoke

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Got something to say, need to let of steam. Come and see your local Brighton Hill Councillors at their monthly surgery.

Please use the community entrance.

WHEN: 1st Saturday of every month

WHERE: Brighton Hill Community School

No problem too small, no question too silly.

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Coronavirus update Basingstoke

CoronaVirus Symptoms at a glance What should I do if I have the symptoms DO NOT go to your GPDO NOT go to your local hospitalDO NOT go to your local pharmacist or shops DO call 111DO stay indoorsDO let your close relatives or friends know You can get...

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Idle motorists to be fined in Basingstoke

Experts say air pollution from exhaust fumes kills more than twice as many people as road accidents in Britain. More than 5,000 people die prematurely from conditions like lung cancer and heart disease because of emissions, those who die from air pollution...

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Essex Road Surgery closed

The reception area at Hackwood Partnership's Essex House branch is closed as a "precaution" as a patient is believed to have attended with symptoms of the Coronavirus. The surgery is part of the New Acorn practice which consists of Gilles, St Andres and...

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Register your car to use the Tip

Register your car to access Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) Hampshire residents will need to register their car for free by 1 April 2020. Unless your car is registered there is a real chance you could be turned away from the tip when you visit....

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Trolley dumping in Brighton Hill

Trolley dumping is something local councillors do get involved with on a regular basis. As a Brighton Hill Councillor I have had regular conversations with ASDA management over a number of things and trolley dumping is one of those areas. The store itself...

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GP mayhem continues in Brighton Hill

The Gillies and Overbridge Medical Partnership, Brighton Hill, which is run by the Acorn Health Partnership following the merger of three GP surgeries, has been inspected by the Quality Care Commission who have  issued it with a ‘requires improvement’...

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Councillors Surgery

Come along and meet your Labour Brighton Hill Councillors at their monthly residents surgery at Brighton Hill Community School. We will be there between 10 and 12am. Got something you would like to get off your mind or would like to chat about the Brighton...

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A30 and Brighton Hill Roundabout

Hampshire County Council Proposals are for the Brighton Hill roundabout to be widened to 4 lanes. There will be no entry onto the roundabout from Western Way and traffic lights on all 5 remaining entries, underpasses to be retained, and new crossings with...

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Traveller update

TRAVELLERS HAVE LEFT GERSHWIN ROAD! We have been on to the out of hours line to see if we can make the site secure. we have also left messages for council officers to see Monday morning. In Winklebury, a second lot entered the Hants FA site 2 days later...

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Travellor Camp in Brighton Hill

Traveller Encampment opposite Hatch Warren School Many thanks to the residents who reported this in to me so quickly. The Police have been made aware and I spoke with the police on site, who tell me that at present the group are being co-operative and...

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GP’s propose merger but will services improve?

Like me you have had a letter from your GP practice to tell us about a proposed merger between the Gillies, Camrose and Hackwood surgeries. I understand that GPs Surgeries are finding it difficult to cope as the demands on them increase but is merging...

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Housing Crisis in Brighton Hill

"Housing Hunger Games" Our local Conservative MP dismisses claims that there is a housing crisis as “outrageous”. In a front-page article of the Gazette she claims that Basingstoke “has built more homes than any other area in the past two decades”. Yet the...

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Pothole Plague

Like everyone else I haven’t been able to go anywhere in Brighton Hill without having to swerve to miss one pothole after another. Everybody I talk to on the doorstep says the same . “ Its time to get it fixed”. But how, when the Tory Councils...

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WASPI – Women against state pension inequality The background In his Budget statement on 30 November 1993, the then Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ken Clarke, announced that the Government had decided to equalise the State Pensionable Age (SPA)...

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Brighton Hill Residents Survey

An important part of a local councillors’ role is making sure the views of all residents are both heard and acted upon when the Council makes policy decisions. One way we can collect your views is by asking you directly and we will be doing this by coming...

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Thank you Brighton Hill Asda

Let’s give Asda Brighton Hill a big hand for getting it right. For some time, Labour Councillors have received many complaints about the dumping of trolleys creating an eyesore in our local community. During Sunday’s Brighton hill community litter pick we...

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Universal Credit is coming to get YOU!

Universal Credit is due to be rolled out across the Basingstoke area in February 201. The introduction of Universal Credit in other parts of the country has left people waiting six weeks to receive payment. Citizens Advice Basingstoke is warning people who...

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Protect the bus pass

Proposals have been announced to charge pensioners for their older persons bus pass. The plans are to charge you £10 when you apply for your pass. Plus you will be charged a whopping 50p every time you use the bus. That’s a pound, there and back every time you need to...

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Tip Tax

On 8th November 2017 at the Communities Environment and Partnerships committee meeting the Conservative Council voted in favour of Hampshire County Council introducing a Tip Tax at Wade Road - a £1 blanket admission charge for all people entering the site....

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